Don't Try to Tackle That Dangerous Tree Yourself

Trust us for tree removal services in Newport News, VA and surrounding areas

It might be tempting to drag out the old chainsaw and start hacking away at that diseased tree on your Newport News, VA area property. But a DIY tree removal could lead to property damage or serious injury. Instead of taking that risk, it's best to schedule professional tree removal services.

You can count on the pros at Escape Tree and Stump, LLC to remove your problem tree safely and avoid causing harm in the process. We'll also remove any leftover debris from your property-including tree stumps.

Contact us today to get a free estimate on tree removal and tree hauling services.

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5 signs your tree might be posing a hazard

You should contact a tree removal service if you have a tree that's:

  1. Dead or dying.
  2. Hollow or spongy to the touch.
  3. Leaning toward your home or powerlines.
  4. Growing moss, mold or fungus.
  5. Crawling with insects.

If you suspect a tree on your residential or commercial property in Newport News, VA or the surrounding area might pose a threat, schedule tree removal and tree hauling services right away. Call 757-593-5318 now to make arrangements.